Chasin' Mason

Rooted in country and laced with rock 'n roll, Chasin' Mason makes music as rugged and raw as the rough roads and wrong turns that have taken them through thirteen   years of trial and triumph. Their miles are marked with guitars as loud as the lives they've lived and lyrics as true as their Sunday morning upbringings.

Since their formation in 2003, the Wisconsin based group has wasted little time establishing themselves as one of the hottest up and coming bands in country music. Having sold 15,000 independently released cds to their constantly growing fan base, it's evident that the band's 200 plus shows a year are bearing fruit.

A melting pot of musical influences, Chasin' Mason mixes Merle and Mellencamp with U2 and Keith Urban to create their rockin' edge with a story to tell. The guys borrow their style and passion from their diverse pasts. Pulling from musical families, hard childhoods, wrong crowds, and right girls, Chasin' Mason plays Real Life Real Loud!!!

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