Drum Rave

Dance. Party. Rave..Drum Rave is simply the most amazing one man show anyone has ever seen! Jaime Robert samples, loops, drums, and sings live in real time.

Drum Rave is a combination of sampling, sequencing, looping, singing, and of course drumming. Everything is performed live and in real time by ONE person. Jaime Winchell has been drumming since he was a young boy. Although drumming was always his passion, he had always been curious about trying other instruments like keys, guitar and even saxophone. Lacking the time or patience to learn all those instruments, he took on the world of sampling. Jaime records individual notes and sounds via midi and assigns them to one of the 20 pads placed around his drum kit. With this, he can play any instrument along with a drum beat at the same time. This process doesn't happen overnight. Every song comes with a completely different set of samples located in different places on the kit. Using this concept has opened the door for him to perform the types of music he could never do with a full band. So many groups record crazy electronic sounds into their music but then have no way to physically play it back live. So when you come to see Drum Rave perform, you will hear songs that you have never seen played live before.

DJ Shawna
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