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DJ Shawna
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DJ Shawna

A new type of DJ and movement was formed over a decade ago on the Western shores of Lake Michigan. Former professional basketball player Shawna Nicols became DJ Shawna and disrupted the male-dominated industry in route to becoming one of the Midwest’s premier open format DJs. The Milwaukee-native has a knack for effortlessly bringing a room together with her infectious personality and high-energy mixes that keeps crowds engaged and begging for more.


DJ Shawna has made her presence felt on a national and international scale with past residencies in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, Louisville and even Europe. In just 2017 alone, DJ Shawna has performed for the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, NCAA and Marquette Women’s basketball. Shawna and her #DareToBe movement has inspired people all over the globe to be their best selves and to never stop reaching for the stars.

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